BASES Fellowship

BASES Fellowship is considered an accolade that individuals aspire to and an honour that people are proud of and is valued. For 'FBASES' to be placed after someone's name, it should denote a passion and commitment to BASES and sport and exercise sciences. It is expected that BASES Fellows will act as leaders and ambassadors for the Association. 

BASES Fellowship is awarded to recognise esteemed professional achievement, skills, knowledge and service to BASES and the sport and exercise science community and encourages continued service to BASES in leadership and ambassadorial roles.

What are the criteria for a Fellowship?

  • Professional Member of BASES (or Retired Member)
  • Professional Member of BASES for at least 8 consecutive years at the time of application or at least 8 years of professional membership in the last 12 years, where membership has been suspended due to a career break.
  • Hold a doctoral qualification (e.g. PhD, Professional Doctorate) in a relevant discipline, or equivalent professional benchmark*.

  • Written support from two BASES Fellows
  • Completion of the BASES Fellowship Application Form , meeting the minimum requirements in Sections 4 and 5 or, alternatively, section 6 of the BASES Fellowship Application Form
  • Approval of the Board.
*Equivalent benchmarks to a doctoral qualification include: 
Principle Fellow/National Teaching Fellow (Advance HE/HEA); Associate Professor/Professorship; Medical Doctor (e.g. MBBS); Position of seniority held (past or present) within professional sport or allied health (e.g. Head of Performance/Head of Service at a national sporting institute, Head of Sport Science or Medical at a professional sport cub; substantive leadership role within a National Governing Body).

How do I apply for a Fellowship?

  • E-mail the completed BASES Fellowship Application Form to jbairstow@bases.org.uk by 31 July. Only information contained within the application form will be considered
  • Secure two letters of support from BASES Fellows on the applicant's professional achievement, skills, knowledge and service to BASES and the sport and exercise science community. Having obtained their agreement, the applicant should forward them a copy of his/her completed application form, requesting a confidential letter of support to be sent directly to the BASES Office
  • Letters of support should state that they have read the application form and certify that to the best of their knowledge the information supplied in the application form is correct. Letters of support need to be received by the BASES Office by 31 July. If both letters of support are not received by 31 July, then the application will not proceed
  • The Board makes the final decision.

Successful applicants will be announced at the BASES Annual Conference dinner and awarded their Fellowship certificate and pin badge (members who cannot make the dinner will be deferred until the following year).

For a list of current Fellowships please click here


BASES stands for the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. BASES is the professional body for sport and exercise sciences in the UK.

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