Recognising members who live the BASES’ Values, Commitments and Behaviours

22nd May 2023


At the 2022 AGM, the members approved the new Values, Commitments and Behaviours. Sections have since been added to application forms (Grant and Awards applications; Accreditation / Endorsement programmes, etc.) for members to reflect and include how they are living the BASES’ values.

BASES would like to recognise and acknowledge those members who live and demonstrate the BASES’ Values, Commitments and Behaviours within their day-to-day professional roles, associated with their membership of BASES. Members can now nominate ‘Values Champions’ who are either Professional, Graduate or Student members of BASES, and who inspire other members because of how they undertake their work and engage with others, clearly demonstrating the new BASES Values, Commitments and Behaviours. Please note, as a nominator, you can remain anonymous or be named.

Building on the work of the EDI Advisory Group’s Role Models initiative, BASES will promote our Values Champions by recognising them within the dedicated part of the Values webpage and through social media.

If you know of a BASES member that has inspired or empowered you, who enacts the BASES Values, Commitments and Behaviours, and who you feel deserves recognition for how they work, then please nominate them as a BASES’ Values Champion via this form. Nominations are welcome at any time.


  • Every nomination will naturally be subject to a preliminary validation after which all nominated members will receive an acknowledgement email which will include a visual of the Value they have been nominated for. The visual can be used in their eSignature for 12 months.
  • All nominated Values Champions will be recognised across the BASES’ social channels.
  • Selected Values Champions will then be invited to appear on the BASES’ Values, Commitments and Behaviours webpage – Hall of Fame – and will receive an enhanced, Association-recognised visual which can be used in their profile / eSignature for 12 months.


  • Nominated Values Champions need to be a Professional, Graduate or Student member of BASES.
  • Nominated Values Champions must clearly demonstrate one or more of the BASES Values, Commitments and Behaviours when going about their day-to-day professional roles, associated with their BASES membership.


  • Members of a small project group will form a Values’ Review Panel and will independently score nominations.
  • Worthy Values Champions will be selected throughout the year, aiming for at least one per month. (This is adjustable, depending on nominations received).
  • Those Values Champions selected will be contacted by the Operations Team and asked to confirm that they are happy to accept the nomination. If so, they will be asked to provide some information regarding the achievements they are most proud of while portraying the BASES Values, Commitments and Behaviours, their career progression to date, who empowers them by the way that person conducts themselves, who are their role models, and what advice they would you give to others embracing their journey in Sport and Exercise Sciences.
  • For those selected Values Champions who are identified as being from an underrepresented group, they will be asked to confirm that they would be ok with being identified in this way.
  • The Values Champions’ profile will be included within the BASES’ Values’ Hall of Fame and promoted in the monthly member newsletter. The selected Values Champions will agree and sign-off how their profile is to be presented.

Nomination process:

Please use the form here to make your nomination. Please use the form to nominate the BASES member for one Value. If nominating the same member for multiple Values, please use separate forms.

Thank you.


BASES stands for the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. BASES is the professional body for sport and exercise sciences in the UK.

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