BASES Conference

BASES Conference 2020

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the limited government guidance on safe social distancing measures for mass gatherings, and the unlikelihood of any vaccine by this autumn, the BASES Board and the Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) met in May’20 and made the decision to postpone this year’s annual conference, which was planned for 17-18 November 2020. 

We appreciate how disappointing this will be, but feel it is the right decision to make with the information we have. We are working with the SPC to plan a series of multi-disciplinary webinars across the month of November’20, which will be free to watch live for members and non-members. Details on these webinars will be shared in due course. The Board fully believe in a face to face conference and we aim to be back again in November 2021 with another quality conference opportunity. 

Please reserve the following dates: Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 November 2021. 

Thank you for your understanding with this difficult decision in what are truly extraordinary times. 

Kind Regards The BASES Board